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One of the most important aspects of a successful direct mail campaign is the targeted recipients. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, we can help find you the most affective list that will give you the highest return with the minimum cost. We could even provide some hints on designing the mail piece for affectedness and per Post Office regulations.

We can provide a list for any category that fits your target if you are planning a direct mail or email campaign; examples include House Hold Income, Residence Value, Lifestyle, Ethnicity, Living Standards, Demographics or Companies by Size and Type.


We can handle any complicated data processing and manipulation; name it and we will take care of it. One example is to have a list of signatures, a list of recipients and a text massage, where it is required to change part of the message according to a specific signature to be sent to multiple different recipients. We can maneuver the categories to be mixed and matched with each other. We also don’t mind handling the simple tasks like, Merge/Purge of Multiple Files, Duplicate Elimination, Files Suppression, Genderizing, etc.


PRECISE PRINTING & MAILING offers sheet-fed laser capabilities for short and large-run projects along with full color laser printing. We can personalize up to four communications plus the outer envelope and process it, including the insertion part, via machines, saving you money and time.

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